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48 and 52 Volt Battery Pack FYI

 Reention Atlas DA-1                                               Hailong-1


This is a little background information about the battery packs we stock at EMPowered Cycles and why we like them so much. Batteries seen here. This is not an in depth battery tutorial, just a little FYI you may find useful. You may have heard of these packs referred to as "Dolphin" or "Shark" packs. Not exactly sure where or why that started, maybe because their original names are a little dull, but here is a little information about their real names used by the manufacturers. The "Dolphin" case is made by a company called Reention and is called the (Atlas DA-1) by the manufacturer. Battery builders buy the cases from Reention and make the completed packs by installing the various cell types into various configurations along with the BMS to achieve the desired capacity, voltage, and power output.

Reention Atlas DA-1 cell capacity 


The Reention Atlas DA-1 is actually able to hold up to 60 18650 cells inside. 48 volt packs come with 52 cells in a 4P13S configuration, which means there is still room for 8 more cells inside. This case has a USB port, a charge indicator, lock, fuse, handle, water proof power socket, and power button. We now have 52 volt packs with a 4P14S configuration, totaling 56 cells inside seen here. The voltage hot off the charger is 58.8 volts which gives your motor a little turbo charge. Cells populated in this case require a process of spot welding the cells in the proper configuration with nickel ribbon. Nickel is used because it has low enough resistance for performance, but has enough resistance to allow for spot welding, its strong, lightweight, and resists corrosion. Soldering of cells requires much more heat, which can damage cells, and is not recommended.

The "Shark" case is made by a company called Hailong and is called the Hailong-1. This pack is slimmer than the Atlas DA-1 case and weighs 10 oz less. Its slimmer profile allows it to fit in tighter frame triangles and is made to hold 52 cells. This case has a charge indicator and lock. We like this battery because it has a cool cell holding block that bolts together holding the cells in the needed configuration. The cell holding block helps reduce time consuming spot welding because it holds the cells together neatly and adds reinforcement for a strong sturdy pack.

Hailong-1  48 volt with cell holder

54.6 volt Hailong-1

There is just enough room to squeeze in 4 more cells for a total of 56. This will up the voltage to 58.8 volts. The cell holding block cannot be used for 56 cells and a custom jig was made to hold the cells during spot welding. Below you can see an image of a naked 58.8 volt 13.5 Ah pack with red Sanyo GA cells. Note the cell holder is not used.

58.8 volt 13.5 Ah Sanyo GA pack for Hailong-1

58.8 volt 13.5 Ah Sanyo GA Hailong-1 EMPowered Cycles

Here you can see the addition of the 30 amp continuous 80 amp peak BMS and protective wrapping.

58.8 volt 13.5 Ah Sanyo GA Hailong-1 EMPowered Cycles

Another layer before installing into the Hailong-1 case.

58.8 volt 13.5 Ah Sanyo Ga Hailong-1

We love these cases because they are water resistant (IP65 rated), easy to install, look cool, provide a hard rigid case to protect the cells, are lockable and removable, and can be easily swapped out between bikes if you have more than one or need to bring an extra pack for extended range.

The cells we prefer to use for 11.6 Ah packs are the Panasonic PF and the Samsung 29E. Both these cells are similar and offer a good blend of high current drain and capacity making good all around cells for motors pulling up to 30 amps continuous. The most sought after cell currently is the Sanyo GA which is a better blend of higher Ah and high current draw.

Both style cases use the same charge port connector, so chargers are interchangeable as long as you use a 54.6 volt charger with the 48 volt pack and a 58.8 volt charger with the 52 volt pack. Warning, the charger plugs are rated for 2 amps. We have seen melted plugs on other vendors packs who sell higher current chargers 5-6 amps. If you want to charge faster than 3 amps, you need to upgrade the charger plug and wires.

We do not make large triangle packs for a number of reasons. Number 1 we provide warranty and these naked triangle packs stuffed into nylon baggies just don't hold up well. They get bumped around and damaged and have no or little protection from water. Number 2, most riders don't need that much to meet their needs and the pack is under utilized, taking up space and adding weight. Number 3, they look kinda ugly and cheap. Number 4, fault isolation. You are better off having two smaller packs if you really need the range. If one battery fails in the big triangle pack, your bike is completely useless and down until repaired. Your stuck. If you had two smaller packs, you can use the one battery while they other gets repaired or replaced and are not stuck without your ebike transportation awesomeness.

Our packs are assembled in a controlled factory environment, measured for internal resistance and undergo load testing to ensure the highest quality possible. Packs purchased with a kit are warrantied for 18 months, packs sold individually are warrantied for 12 months. Batteries are shipped to the U.S. the correct way, as hazmat dangerous goods class 9, inside thermally isolated freight containers, restricted from passenger aircraft transferred via cargo only aircraft, the cost of shipping this way is substantially more, but is the legal and responsible way to ship batteries. 




Great Clarification………simple and to the point!

Posted by John Cunningham on March 10, 2017

Hi Matt,
This is the most informed manufactures page I found in my research. Thx for your generous expertise!
As a new E bike convert (3 weeks & 120 mi) with a Street Legal 350 W geared front hub Kit for my Tange Framed 1983 Lotus MTB & I’m so happy. Although I live in the Pinelands of S Jersey, you would not believe the winds (24-30 MPH steady ) & the Ped assist turns the trick.
I selected a Hailong 35 V 14.5 AH Samsung Case & having a terrible customer service experience getting a response to buying a spare.
Since you manufacture your own high quality packs, could you quote a price for a similar configuration?
This assuming your 48 V packs would overwhelm my current controller
Again my sincere appreciation for your time.
Regards Jim

Posted by Jim Cannon on February 20, 2017

Just wanted to say Matt is good at what he does and doesn’t mind helping the beginner out!! He goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is pleased!! If that means purchasing the correct battery or helping decide what is wrong with your current situation!!Thanks Again Matt!!

Posted by Micah Dunford on August 13, 2016

Hello. I dropped my slim/shark pack battery and broke the case. Do you sell just the plastic case/bottom/screws that hold the guts in?
I don’t need the lock or the bracket. Only the case as the place where the screws secure to the case top broke loose. Now it won’t hold together.
Thanks Robb PDX oregon.

Posted by Robert Krause on June 14, 2016

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