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Bafang mid drive motor BBSHD 1000W 48 volt

by EMPowered Cycles

Price $ 679.99


Bafang's new super powerful and efficient BBSHD (Bottom Bracket System Heavy Duty) 1000 watt mid drive motor will fit virtually any bike with JIS/BSA standard bottom brackets. With the proper adaptors it can also fit BB30, PF30, and Shimano Press Fit 41 BB92 with adaptor seen here.  More information on what bikes the motor can fit into is found here. Unlike hub motors, the mid drive system utilizes your bicycles rear gears offering much better hill climbing performance. The motor free wheels and feels like a normal bike when pedaling if the battery runs out, direct drive hub motors have drag and feel like an exercise bike when the battery runs out. The motor uses pedal assist sensors (PAS) to help you pedal along and has 9 progressive levels of assistance to meet your desired amount of motor help, or you can use the throttle only and not pedal at all if desired. Motors are programmed for 9 levels of assistance with throttle providing 100% power in any PAS level 1-9. This simply means you can be in assist level 3 for example, but if you need more power you can use the throttle to provide full power while in assist level 3 or any level 1-9.  We set all motors to 1000 watts unless you request 750 watts prior to shipping. Another feature to notice is the addition of the gear sensor connector built into the controller, its the yellow plug seen in the wiring harness photo above and it allows for installation of the gear sensor at the rear deraileur location. Gear sensor seen here.  

Nominal voltage 48V, Torque 160N.m, motor RPM 150, rated power 750W/1000W.

The BBSHD 1000W mid drive conversion Ebike kit comes with a motor, mounting hardware, throttle (Universal thumb is most popular because the front shifter is removed from the left grip freeing up space for easy installation, but can also be mounted on the right side) , 170mm crank arms, speed sensor with magnet, mechanical brake levers with cutoff switch if desired (not required for system to operate), display, and main wiring harness, 46 tooth chain ring, or for better chain line and increased torque upgrade to a 42T HD Lekkie bling ring seen here. No soldering or any knowledge of electronics required.

Manual for BBSHD motor

Manual for full color Mini 500c display

 Manual for C961 Display

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