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Lekkie Bling Ring Chain Ring 8fun Bafang BBS02

by Lekkie

Price $ 90.00

The 42 tooth Lekkie Bling Ring is a precision CNC machined chain ring that allows for a lower gear ratio and a better chain line than the stock 8fun chain rings provide. It provides a better chain line because its dished inward by 4 mm. This precision masterpiece pushes your chain line toward center as should be the case, instead of outward like other solutions on the market that unfortunately cause the chain to bend excessively as you use the bigger rear cogs. Optimal chain line needs to be pushed in toward the center of your rear cassette putting the chain in the middle so the chain stays straight when shifting to smaller or larger cogs and the Bling Ring does just that and does it with style. Machined with a Narrow Wide Deep tooth pattern the Bling Ring drastically reduces chain derailment and tooth degradation. With this chain ring you will have better gearing for climbing and more torque from take-off. Compatible with all chains and cassettes up to 11 speed. Machined from 7075 Aluminum and T6 hardened for durability.  The 36 tooth Lekkie Bling Ring will give you much more torque but will push the chain line out. See a review here.

Chain ring spacers seen here.


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