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Will the Bafang mid drive motor fit my bike?

You will need to measure the bottom bracket tubing of your bicycle.  That is the tube of the frame where the cranks are installed. Measure the frame tube only, not any of the crank hardware.  The bafang BBS02 motors are designed to fit a 68mm wide JIS/BSA english standard bottom bracket shell, it can also fit a 73mm wide bottom bracket shell, but only one lock-ring will be used and will require longer M6 1.0 pitch bolts and washers to fill in the 5mm space between the fixing plate and motor. We will provide the hardware for 73mm bottom brackets free of charge. The BBSHD motors fit into JIS/BSA english standard bottom bracket shells in widths of 68mm, 73mm, 92mm, 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm. There is more to it than this so please pay attention, you also need to know the diameter of the bottom bracket shell. That is the Inside Diameter of the shell itself. Bafang motors were designed to fit into JIS/BSA which has an Inside Diameter of approx 33.6-33.9mm. If your bottom bracket inside diameter is bigger than this, you DO NOT HAVE a JIS/BSA bottom bracket and need to proceed with caution and educate yourself a little bit more before buying a motor. Please read here for further info.


What Throttle should I get for the mid drive motor?

There are 4 choices; a Universal thumbleft thumb, left 1/2 twist, right thumb, and right 1/2 twist.  The motor has one chain ring making the front shifter on the left handlebar unnecessary, this can be removed freeing up space for a left thumb throttle or a left 1/2 twist throttle.  The left sided throttles are generally an easier install because of the free space created from removing the front shifter.  If you have a push pull trigger shifter on the right grip for the rear deraileur, avoid the right half twist throttle because its increased thickness compared to standard grips blocks the trigger shifter travel, if you have double push thumb triggers the right half twist will work fine. If you have a twist shifter for the rear deraileur then your best option is left sided throttles. By far the most popular choice is the Universal thumb throttle for ease of installation in any application because it can be used on either the right or left side.

What size chain ring should I get?

There are 4 choices, 44T, 46T, 48T and 52T.  The most popular option by far is the 44T since it fits most bikes and is a good blend of torque and top speed.  If you have a 29er, 700C, or 26 inch wheel and you have hills and like to off road ride, you may want to strongly consider the 42T Lekkie Bling Ring. If you are mainly on the flats the 46T is a good blend of torque and top speed.  The 48T and 52T will provide less torque, but more top speed. You can start by trying to match the current tooth count on your bike if you are not sure what to get. Most small wheel bikes like 20 inch and lower can benefit from the larger chain ring sizes. The smaller the chain ring the more torque it provides and the faster your motor spins making it more efficient. The larger rings provide more speed, but cause your motor to spin slower making it less efficient and as a result the motor tends to build up more heat.

I have heard that the Bafang mid drive shifts hard and you need to roll off throttle when shifting?

Well, yes and no.  It depends a lot on the condition of your chain, rear cassette, and deraileur.  You should not have to roll off the throttle when shifting.  Make sure your chain is new and have it measured for stretch. Chains stretch over time and your local bike shop has a tool that can measure this for you.  When a chain is stretched it will not fit properly on the cassette teeth and causes poor shifting. Make sure your rear cassette is in good condition with no worn teeth.  Make sure draileur is in good working order.  Keep chain lubed and clean.  Taking these precautions will ensure a smooth shifting experience.  If you are not sure how to adjust your rear deraileur, take it to your local bike shop and have it checked. There are cool gear shift sensors available seen here that can make shifts smoother.   

What tools do I need for installation?

You will need a 15mm wrench or pedal wrench to remove pedals, a crank puller to remove your existing cranks, a bottom bracket removal tool to remove BB hardware, a spanner wrench to tighten the lock rings, a #8 allen to tighten crank arms, allens for chain ring, display, and throttle installation, a phillips screw driver, some zip-ties and possibly a chain breaker. Any bike shop should be able to install it for a fee if you do not want to tackle it yourself. You may also want to consider purchasing an 8fun bottom bracket socket set to properly tighten the lock rings on the motor.

I am having trouble installing pedals on the crank arms, HELP!

You are not alone, this happens a lot.  The left pedal and crank arm are marked with an L.  The right crank and pedal are also marked with an R.  Make sure you put the left crank and pedal on the left side of the bike, and the right crank and pedal on the right.  The right pedal is regular threaded, meaning turn it clockwise or to the right to tighten. The left pedal and crank however; are reverse threaded, meaning you need to turn it counterclockwise or to the left to tighten. If you put the right pedal in the left crank or visa versa you will strip threads. Don't worry if you accidentally strip the threads on your crank arms, we sell replacements at a very affordable price.

My chain slips off sometimes, what can I do?

The Origin8 chain guide can help with this, available on this site.  You will need to remove the chain ring guard for the Origin8 chain guide to fit properly over the chain and chain ring.  When installed properly, your chain slipping days are gone. You can also consider using the Lekkie Bling Ring, it drastically reduces chain slippage and is an excellent addition to your mid drive motor. It would also be wise to measure your chain for stretch and replace it if stretched beyond recommended limits and make sure your chain length is not too long, this can sometimes happen when going from larger bicycle chain rings to a smaller 8fun chain ring.

When I plug in the charger it sparks, is that normal?

It is normal if the charger is not plugged in to wall power source before connecting to the battery. To avoid sparking, first plug in your charger to a wall socket, then connect it to the battery for charging. By doing this you will avoid the sparking. This will also keep your connectors free from the blackening arcing marks left from the sparking and make your connectors last much longer. The reason for the spark is capacitors inside the charger pull current from the battery to charge themselves and you get a nasty little spark. When you turn the charger on first, you eliminate the difference in potential because the capacitors are pre-charged and do not pull power from the battery. 

 What is the Warranty?

 Warranty is 120 days from date of purchase and covers all the contents of the kit. This covers parts only. It does not cover shipping costs or any labor costs involved with repairs. Physical damage from crashes or improper installation excluded. Non transferable. You will need to provide proof of the failure such as serial number, photos, or videos (sometimes may need to send in part for verification) and be willing to do some basic troubleshooting/repair. We offer deep discounts to existing customers with failures outside of warranty, sometimes at cost only. If you have a failure, don't worry, just contact us and we will make sure to try our best and take care of you.

Hazardous Goods Shipping?

Hazardous Goods Shipping is required for shipments containing batteries. We ship FedEx Ground for this service. We get asked all the time if packages can be redirected or if signature requirement can be removed. If you call FedEx they will tell you to contact us, but the truth is this cannot be done with Hazardous goods shipping. You must sign for the package, and you cannot redirect the package to another address. The package will have to be returned, a new label generated, and another shipping charge is required. Please make sure you are able to receive your Hazardous goods shipment or have it sent somewhere it can be received and signed for. FedEx will not leave a hazardous package at a door step or even at a local pickup center. 




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