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Bafang BBSHD BBS02 Mid Drive Ebike Kit. Call 510-825-4754

EMPowered Cycles (Electro-Magnetically-Powered Cycles) is located in Castro Valley CA, owned and operated by veteran Matt Hughes, a former advanced aviation electronics technician of the U.S. Navy. The business began in 2012 building custom electric bikes for satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay Area seen here, and has grown into a successful small business with the partnering of top manufacturers such as AllCell, Yuba Bikes, Headway, 8Fun Bafang, Lekkie, MAC, and Tektro, Reention, Hailong, Samsung, Panasonic...etc.

We specialize in giving bike owners a reliable and well thought out complete kit seen here for converting to electric at a fraction of the cost of complete ebikes on the market today and with better performance and warranty support. We take pride in answering every phone call and taking care of every customers support needs. Every electric bike kit comes with a downtube lithium battery, mid drive electric motor, and all other accessories needed for a DIY ebike conversion. The mid drive motor packs a powerful kick, creating a fast, well-engineered, water resistant machine. Each 8fun Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD mid drive ebike kit offers superior performance compared to the majority of complete electric bike models available.

A DIY electric bike can be an affordable option for cutting costs on gas or automobile expenses for commuting to and from work. Looking for ways to help the environment? Go green with an electric bicycle kit that can transform your pedal bike into a powered travel machine. Get around faster using less harmful resources, while still making it to your destination on time without wearing yourself out! Pedal like Superman!

We also carry accessories, replacement parts and upgrades to your existing bike such as the Tektro Dorado HD-E710 ebike brakes. After you have upgraded your bike to electric, you will need to seriously consider upgrading your brakes as well. Get the ultimate in stopping power for added safety and confidence, get the biggest baddest ebike brake available, the Tektro Dorado seen here.


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