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Universal Hall Sensor Brake Switch 8fun Bafang BBS02 BBSHD

by 8fun
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This is a universal Hall sensor switch compatible with any brake system, especially meant for hydraulic brakes where stock kit levers with built in cut off switches cannot be installed because they are designed for cable type brakes. Sensor are made for left/front brake levers or right/rear brake levers. The 3M adhesive backed sensor is adhered to the perch and the new and improved adhesive backed square magnet is adhered to the lever. The electrical connector is a 3 pin water proof 8fun connector and directly plugs into the Bafang wiring harness. Compatible with BBS02 and BBSHD.

Installation tips: Install 1 brake sensor at a time. Place the bike in a stand or have someone help you hold the bike's rear wheel off the ground. Installing with the BBS02 or BBSHD system powered on allows you to adjust the magnet proximity to the sensor. Secure the magnet to the brake lever and the sensor on the brake handle perch(see images). Secure the end of the brake sensor as close to the lever as possible and the magnet on the lever close to the sensor. When the brake lever is pulled, the magnet will move away from the sensor and cut off motor power, when lever is released and magnet comes close to sensor, the motor power will be turned back on. This is why you want to install one sensor at a time, if you have the second sensor plugged in, but not in close enough proximity to the magnet, the motor will be cut off. By installing 1 sensor at a time and using the motor's operation makes for a smoother installation and allows you to fine tune the distance desired between the magnet and the sensor. When you have completed installing and testing the first sensor, then connect the second sensor and repeat. 3M Adhesive is provided, but hot glue works very well for this application and allows for better installation when mounting surface area is not flat or contoured. The sensor and magnet can also be installed on the bottom side of the brake lever for a cleaner look. Be sure to zip tie the sensor wire, in case it comes loose it will be prevented from dangling down and tangling into the front wheel spokes.

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