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Lekkie Bling Ring HD for Bafang BBSHD

by Lekkie
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Almost too beautiful to let a greasy chain come any where near it. The Lekkie Bling Ring HD for bafang BBSHD mid drive motors is a precision work of art. Available in red and black and sure to make BBSHD look like a whole new beast. Others have tried, but the bling ring takes first place when it comes to choosing a chain ring for the 1000 watt BBSHD. Chain line is crucial for your drive train performance. Your chain needs to be nearly straight when in the middle gear on your rear cassette. If your chain line is pushed out away from the motor, like in the case of bolt on adapters with race face sprockets you will quickly find your chain will only be straight in your highest/smallest rear cogs. When you shift up to your larger/lower gears the chain rubs and may not even make it all the way without falling off. However, the Lekkie bling ring is a bowl shape, dished (approximately 20mm) to push the chain line inward toward the motor. This will result in a straight chain in the middle cogs. Choose the 42 tooth for a well rounded gear choice that will give you a good blend of both torque and top end speed, or the 36 tooth for more torque, but slightly pushed out chain line. Narrow-wide tooth pattern sucks the chain for a drastic reduction of chain slip. This is probably hands down the best upgrade for your BBSHD.

Chain ring spacers seen here.

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