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New Reention "Shark" Style Battery Packs

by EMPowered Cycles
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Batteries are in stock but only sold with a motor kit at this time. Click here to order a complete kit.

Reention has released their all new 48 volt 13.5Ah and 17.5Ah "Shark" Style down tube mount battery packs. This latest version offers a new and improved "shareable" mount, charger port connector (rated to 8 amps), and high current parallel discharge/motor connector. This new mount places the motor output connector at the rear of the battery instead of in the middle, allowing for slots to span all along the entire bottom of the battery, making it among the most easily bolted on water bottle mountable battery packs available. Most "shark" style packs have a connector in the middle of the battery making it difficult to mount for some bikes. As a plus, the mounting plate is standard for both the 13.5Ah and 17.5Ah packs, they both use the same mount, meaning both cases will fit on either's mount (mounts are the same for both packs.) Both the 13.5Ah and 17.5Ah have on/off switches to make removal and replacement spark free, just turn the pack switch off when removing or replacing, or when connecting/disconnecting the motor to eliminate sparking, no need for XT anti-spark connectors when turning the battery on/off. This battery can also be attached to rear bike racks, making this profile a wise choice. Wide flat rear packs do not fit between the pedals... if you want to mount a wide flat pack into the water bottle mounts in the future for example., it will not work, its too wide, the pedals will hit this battery type, they are only meant to be installed away from crank arms and pedals due their wide-slim profile design. By selecting a slim 3.5 inch battery case profile like this, it lends you to installing it in both places, between the cranks, and/or on rear racks. This makes it a versatile pack choice should you decide to move your mid drive motor from bike to bike in the future. 


13.5Ah: 4P13S Samsung 35E cells, 30 amp continuous, 60 amp burst, 648 Wh (range for approx 30+ miles riding depending on pedal assist) Dimensions: 14 1/4 inches long, 3.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide

17.5Ah: 5P13S Samsung 35E cells, 30 amp continuous, 60 amp burst, 840 Wh (range for approx 40+ miles riding depending on pedal assist) Dimensions: 14 1/4 inches long, 4.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide ( this pack is 1 inch taller than the 13.5Ah to make space for 13 more cells)


- Repairable and serviceable 

- Quality construction with CNC robots installing nickle strip and performing the spot welding eliminating human error

- Keyed lockable mounting base

- Power on/off switch

- Push button battery charge level with quick BMS test function, by pressing this side button, if LED's illuminate, the BMS is functioning 100%

- Slotted mounts along the entire bottom of the battery pack allowing easy bolting to existing water bottle mounts (before you buy a down tube mount battery look at how many slots the mount has, most have mounts approx 1/2 to 3/4 of the bottom surface. The connector on these battery packs is all the way at the end allowing you more mounting slots to bolt to with minimal hassle. It should bolt up to most bikes. If this is not the case, you may install threaded rivet nuts (M5 .80 pitch into your frame or consider Wofltooth B-Rad water bottle relocation accessory mounting device seen here:  

- Same mount for both 13.5Ah and 17.5Ah batteries, mounts are inter-changeable


- Comes with 2 keys, separate and loose 1 at a time or risk loosing both at once Keys are unique and we do not stock replacements or "master keys". 

- Plug the charger into the wall outlet firstly ensuring the charger is powered on, then connect the charger plug to the battery = NO SPARK!


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