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USB programming cable 8fun Bafang BBSHD BBS02 BBS01 mid drive motor

by Bafang
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Bafang has re-designed their usb programming cable which now includes TX, RX, and COM lights with over 5 feet of cable. 

This USB programming cable allows connection of a PC and the 8fun Bafang BBS01, BBS02, and BBS03/BBSHD mid drive motor electric bike motors in order to change the basic user level controller parameters, this does not allow for changing of the firmware and is safe for you to perform. You will NOT "fry" your motor by making changes to these parameters. This cable is made by Bafang and they are comfortable with me sharing the changes I have made to the stock programming with you. The changes have been made based on customer requests to improve the following complaints: make the throttle act as a throttle should instead of like an on/off switch, reduce current draw from 25 amps to 18 amps without impacting performance to increase battery and motor life, enable full throttle in PAS levels 1-9, throttle over ride of max set speed limit (max speed only applies to PAS). Compatible with BBS01 and BBS02 BBSHD motors. Compatible with Windows 7,8,8.1,10.

Basic instructions: With the motor power off, disconnect the display from the wiring harness and connect the USB cable to the 8fun wiring harness leading to the motor, connect the USB programming cable to a PC (not Mac compatible), power on motor and initialize 8fun programming software by double clicking the controllerst.exe file, enter in correct com port assigned to the USB device as listed in the device manager, click "connect", backup your current settings by clicking "read flash", then in the upper left corner click "save", make sure to label as .el file extension, then load the provided EMPowered Cycles .el file by clicking "load", after selecting the new .el file click "write flash" all 3 tabs will be programmed at once or you can click "write" under each 3 tabs if you prefer programming one at a time, programming is now complete, click "close" turn off power to motor, reconnect to main wiring harness. Note: the below .el file is intended for 48 volt 750 watt controllers. Be sure to make a backup copy of controller settings before loading the new .el file in case you prefer the stock settings or those set by your vendor. 

Please do not email or call me asking how to do this until after you have completely read through the instructions above and have reviewed information on electric-fatbike.com site linked below.

Check out electric-fatbike.com review and tips for the USB cable seen here

Download USB driver click here

Download Program Software click here

Download EMPowered Cycles.el file for throttle on/off switch fix, full power in PAS 1-9, controller output 18 amps, throttle over ride max speed limit click here

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